Three Rivers Senior Golf Association

2019 Information, Rules and Bylaws

2019 Officers - Tom Howard President, Harry Pace Vice-President,

Jesse Sharp - Treasurer, Dick Blankenship - Secretary


(1)  An Annual Meeting shall be held each year before the golf season at a date to be determined by the association President. Officers will be elected for one year terms and other association business conducted, including financial reports and reviews of association rules and bylaws. (Reapproved 2016)


(2) Current  membership requirements are:  AT LEAST 50 YEARS OLD,  MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATION LAST YEAR,  MEMBER OF A GOLF COURSE THAT WE PLAY NOW, PAY  ASSOCIATION DUES,  AND COMPLETE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FORM. (Reapproved 2016, Amended 2018, New Rule Effective 2019)

(3)  Membership in the association shall be limited to the first 150 players paying dues to the association. If the association does not have 150 paid players by March 1, membership may be opened until that number is reached.  All tournaments shall be limited to no more than 132 players or 33 teams. (Reapproved 2016)

(4) Unless otherwise approved by the membership, the association will play a four man scramble with teams preformed at the beginning of the season. (Date Unknown)

(5) If a team is NOT playing in a tournament, any team member may play on any other team as a substitute, but the player must register with the officers to play on another team.  (Reapproved 2016)

(6) Individual players not on a team may apply for membership in the association and pay annual dues. These individual members may play on any team as a substitute at any tournament.  Individual member substitutes must be included in the team's registration for each tournament. (Approved 2016)

(7) All other substitutes/guests may play three tournaments on a paid four player team. After playing in three (3) tournaments FREE, at the fourth tournament substitutes/guests  must pay FULL association dues. All team captains shall register their guests and complete a guest form for their substitute players.  Failure to complete guest form will result in the team's disqualification. (Approved 2016, Amended and Reapproved 2017)

(8)  The officers will negotiate the best price for play at all courses on behalf of the association. Unless approved by the membership, the association will play no course that charges more than $25 for cart, green fees and lunch.  Courses which charge less than $25 with no lunch may be approved by the officers. Practice balls are not included in course fees. (Reapproved 2017)

 (9)  No association officer will be required to pay dues, but will receive credit for their dues based on their work on behalf of the association. (Date Unknown)


 (10)  Except for the first tournament, the tournament registration system is: Team captains must register teams for the next tournament at the tournament being played  or approximately two weeks in advance.  If a team does not play, captains must e-mail the officers the day or day after the current tournament  is completed by 6:00 PM to register for the next tournament. (Approved 2016, Reapproved 2017)

(11)   All tournaments will be flighted at the tournament played and prizes will be awarded at the tournament.  There will be three or four flights and payouts per flight shall be based on the total number of paid members.  All tied scores will be carded off using the most difficult handicapped holes (holes ranked 1, 2, etc.).   (Approved 2016, Reapproved 2017)

(12)  A team member MUST be present  AT THE TOURNAMENT PLAYED to receive any prizes awarded to that team. If a team member is not present, prizes revert back to the association charity.  The officers may rescind this rule on a team hardship basis with a previous arrangement before the tournament. (Approved 2016, Reapproved 2017)

(13)  Three man teams may play, but teams must compete against four man teams with no fourth shot. An extra $15.00 fee shall be paid by a three man team to off-set the loss of golf cart revenue for the host course. (Amended and Approved 2017)

(14)  Members who are 75 years during 2019 or older will play the forward tees and members 50 to 74 years old will play the next tees back. (Adopted as Amended 2019 )

(15) The officers shall determine the two tees played at each tournament based on course variations and consideration for 80+ players.  (Approved 2016)

(16)  When ON the green, only two putts are required to complete the hole.  (Reapproved 2017)

(17) The association will observe all local course out-of-bounds and other specific layout rules. (Date Unknown)

 (18)  Balls may be moved ONE club length,  BUT no closer to the hole or nearer putting surface.  The ball cannot be moved from rough to fairway or moved in a hazard. (Amended, Reapproved 2017)

 (19)  If a tournament is cancelled, the officers may reschedule or permanently cancel the tournament. All cancellations are to be determined by the officers no later than the Sunday evening prior to the tournament by 6:00 PM. (Approved 2017)

(20)  The membership shall support a designated charity with a $1 per player entry fee at each tournament and all funds on hand over the $500 reserve will be donated to the designated charity. The charity will be approved annually by the membership. St. Jude was designated as the association charity. (Approved 2017, Reapproved 2019)

(21)  The officers may call a special emergency meeting with a majority of the members quorum for any special purpose during the interim between Annual Meetings.  An officer vacancy may be filled at any emergency meeting, but no regular officer elections may be held.  All other business must be issues that could adversely affect the association if not addressed before the next Annual Meeting.  (Adopted  2018)

Updated February 28, 2019 as per Annual Meeting actions by:  Tom Howard, President   

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