Three Rivers Senior Golf Association

Tournament Day Procedures for Team Captains


1)  Arrive on time 9:00 - 9:30 (Earlier will be fine too)

     a)  Collect fees from ALL your players ($25 per player at most courses and $1 per player for St. Jude)


2)  Go to registration table and check in with Dick Blankenship, Secretary

      a)  Verify your registration for this tournament, identify any subs, if necessary complete any outstanding paperwork.

      b)  Pre-register for NEXT tournament (Whether or not your team will play should be worked out before you arrive.)

      c)  Obtain your score card


3)  Go to course cashier and pay fees

     a)  You will need to pay for ALL players (If a player needs to pay by credit card, the player needs to be with you.)

     b)   Be sure to have cashier to SIGN your score card as paid. (If NOT, no hole can be assigned)


4)  Go back to registration table and check in with Tom Howard, President

     a)   Pay $1 per player entry fee for St. Jude and indicate IF ANY of your winnings will go to St. Jude

     b)   Return score card for hole assignment (Holes #1 and #10 are reserved for the officers' teams.)

     c)   Based on course requests ALL score cards will retained until after Pre-Start meeting.


5)  Go to carts and load clubs. Be prepared to play. (At some courses the carts will have Captain's name on two carts) 


6)  Go to Pre-Start meeting. (Make sure ALL your players on your team are PRESENT)

     a)  This year I will NOT start until ALL players are at the meeting.  This means NO players in carts or on the range.

     b)  Prayer.  Feel free to mention any in need of prayer, especially among our members.

     c)  Welcome, comments, course information and any cart rules from course Professional

     d)  Tees played will be announced (As a reminder, players MUST BE 75 NOW to play forward tees)

     e)  Other association business


7)  Go to hole assigned to begin play at 10:00 (Some holes will have an "A" and "B" team assigned.)

     a)  Please go to hole by nearest route. For example, going backward from #18 to find #2 is a VERY BAD idea.

     b)  Check score card to locate hole ahead of time. Employees at course can assist you.


8)  Go to the Vice President, Harry Pace IMMEDIATELY after your team finishes play and return your score card.


9)  Eat lunch and be present for announcement of tournament winners.

     a)  Be reminded, at least one player MUST BE present to collect any winnings and/or balls for closest-to-pins.  

     b)  If no one is present, all winnings go to St. Jude.