Three Rivers Senior Golf Association

2019 Guest Form


Instructions:   The information you provide here is required to be a guest of the association and your privacy is protected.  Be sure to sign your application.

(1)  Last Name______________________________ First______________________ 

(2)  Address________________________   ______________           _________

                   Street/PO Box         City/Town                Zip

(3)  E-Mail ____________________________________________

(4)  Phone ______________________  (5) Home Course ____________________

(6) Date of Birth (Required) _______________________

(7) Team Captain ______________________________________ 

(8) Playing Partners: #1____________________________#2_________________________

#3___________________________ #4__________________________

(9)" In order to be guest of the association, I hereby agree to abide by all association rules and the game of golf at each tournament played and I certify that I meet the membership eligibility requirements for guest play."


_____________________________________          ___________

             Signature                              Date

For Association Use Only:

(10) List of tournaments guest has played: (Must pay dues after third play date)

1st__________________________________  Date__________  

2nd__________________________________ Date__________  

3rd __________________________________ Date__________